Back-end + front-end with dApps


There is something I can't understand about dApps. Where and how front-end and back-end devs are stored ? Are they stored on centralized servers ?
Imagine a Uber decentralized app which use its own token, how/on which plateform front-end and back-end will be stored ?



  • Crypt1xCrypt1x The BlockchainMember Posts: 52
    Nice question I will wait if someone will explain this.
  • nejucomonejucomo Member Posts: 40
    I think by "backend" you mean smart contracts. Those live on ethereum nodes, both their code and state. Fully validating nodes must apply transactions to the contract code and update their copy of the state.

    I'm much less familiar with "frontend", and it might depend on which client you are using.
  • cuscocusco Member Posts: 4
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    Backend elements are the smart contracts. Stored on transactions on the decentralized blockchain.

    Frontend elements are just nice user interfaces, generally made with HTML technologies and connecting to the blockchain usually using a web3 javascript library. Where you store the frontend? Anyware you want, can be in a server with connection to a node on the blockchain. Can be in your local computer that is running an ethereum client, can be using IPFS or Swarm, and again they will have to be in some way connected to the blockchain as clients...

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    Hi I understand what @cusco says.
    But if i want that every user that use my software improve the network mining the smartcontract i need to make a fullstack software right?

    I mean if i want to make an streamming Dapp or something like that, is a must right? Because if i use for example only one server like a normal API to make streamming my server will the bottleneck and we don't want that.

    Btw, i have another question (I'm noob in this, really new, sorry), if i make a smartcontract and i have for example 100 fullclients using my software and resolving some algorithm (sharing files or chatting, etc) only this 100 clients are processing the algorightm in the smartcontract? or the entire network?
  • karikalansubakarikalansuba Member Posts: 2
    Hi folks,
    -> I want to create smart contract using solidity in backend and javascript,Html,Css these are using front End here what is DApp role. so, I need to know that clear information
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