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I have an idea for un-ASIC-able mining but I need to clarify something first.

My understanding is that a miner will receive txs, run all the code, package the txs and the outputs of the code into a block, and start hashing the block. The key is the separability between running the code and hashing the block. So if I were part of a mining pool, we would only need one node to actually execute all the code, and pass the results along to the miners, who can then spend their time on the proof of work hashing.

Is this correct, or does each individual miner (in a pool) actually have to execute code?


  • JasperJasper Eindhoven, the NetherlandsMember Posts: 514 ✭✭✭
    Currently every full node currently runs all the code. The miner doesnt need to run the code incorporating transactions, validity is merely based on transaction fees being there. Otherwise attackers could have costly code that in the end is invalid, at a cost for the miner, but with no reprecussion for the attacker.

    However, he does need to run all the code when a block is accepted and he now has to work on the next block, because otherwise you dont know if an adress has enough ether to buy gas/create a transaction. (Creating an invalid block is of no use for a miner)

    The thing about mining pools is exactly something ethereum would like to prevent. The problem is that mining pools are essentially a single big miner in many ways, and can compromise decentralization, and create problems regarding single entities doing a lot of mining.

    Btw: There is an idea to make the process of mining execute randomly modified bits of code/input of code, it is about trying to force the requirement of general computing; to help prevent ASICs.(CPUs are sort of ASICs for general computation.) It is only for trying to keep mining decentralized, not for helping computation along.
  • work2heatwork2heat Member Posts: 8
    Exactly. that was basically my idea. Then I found this:

    Looks like they're on it :D
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