[POOL] eth.mskpool.ru

IMGusevIMGusev Russia SPB Member Posts: 21
Dear colleagues, help to test my Pool

Payments are automatic every 6 hours from 0.1 ETH

Located on the VSD in the data center in Moscow should be the optimal speed.

website http://eth.mskpool.ru

Sample programs for mining settings

http://eth.mskpool.ru:8888/ your purse / RIG -G --farm-recheck 200
Full example: ethminer -F http://eth.mskpool.ru:8888/0x285f195e11536b22f2f230be0c36017da75fac09/worker1 -G (+ your option)

The settings for the proxy: HOST: eth.mskpool.ru, PORT: 8008, and your wallet


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