[Cryptobang] – Ether – Subatomic Particle, Mind Bending Drug Or Internal Currency?

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Maybe someone in here can tell me why this article is off base and whether there is an agreement with PayPal in the making.

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    Well for starters, you're in the wrong category, so let me move you to press.
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    Wrong category, ehhh, I suppose that's not a good start on this forum. Honestly, I am disappointed by not only Ethereum missing their publicly stated IPO sale, but the cryptocurrency scene in general. It just seems that no one is able to hold deadlines in this business.
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    I see no reason not to trust the Ethereum team, and i like who we're repelling with bad grammar, haha! Afaict we could try make a little group and run with the code if they do a deal with paypal :p

    I do think this forum is a bit too quiet.. To be honest, i dont understand how this project can attract soo little attention in the forum? Perhaps people are a bit too timid to post? I would love some more ideas on how to make judges/arbitrators work, or on trust(essentially) networks like trustdavis, that might help escrow. And their interactions. The sooner we understand these things, probably the better first iteration of live systems is.
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    Maybe I was a little too hard on the grammatical errors, but wow, Ethereum is talking with major corporations and they need to double check and then triple check their work before sending an offhand Tweet to the president of PayPal.

    Opportunities don't get much bigger than this and small things like that can ruin a deal.
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    Off Base - too much ripples in your head.
  • CryptoBangCryptoBang Member Posts: 4
    Haha! Yeah, once one starts accumulating those ripples, the hunger can't be satiated.
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