Simple private test-net with 5-10 people possible?

I'm thinking of setting up a simple course to get other programmers familiar with Ethereum in an hour or 2. For this I want to give them a short introduction, after which I want to do the basic tutorial together. After people download the Ethereum Wallet they can only start creating a contract once they've synced to the test-network and mined some Ether. For me this process took more than a day, which makes it unsuitable for the two hour introduction I want to give.

Is there a way to set up a private network with some people which can be set up in 5 minutes or so? That way I can actually start giving the intro faster.

All tips are welcome!


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    @kramer65 There's a guide here regarding setting up private chains and custom genesis blocks.

    I haven't tried to connect to a private chain with Mist but imagine you'll need to first run geth --networkid [private network id#]. Mist should then connect over the ipc.

    You'll also need to have at least one of your nodes mining.

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    Awesome, thanks for the link to the guide. I'll be setting up a guide this week to test it out.

    One more question; apart from testing, are there any other benefits of running your own network? Are there for example security or privacy benefits if a company (like a bank) runs its own network for internal smart contracts?
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    @kramer The Eris project is pegging for private chains but I haven't followed what they're up to for a very long time (though Preston has some nasty things to say about the legality of the DAO recently).

    Not sure about the security or the privacy as I imagine that anyone who discovers you network ID can jump on your chain.

    For development and education it's good because you're not polluting the public space.
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