decentralised encrypted messaging

gonzokawasakigonzokawasaki LondonMember Posts: 11
i am curious if this would be possible.

i am guessing you could create a contract that issues a key for a decentralised messaging system.

Then one party sends a coin to a second party with whom they wish to communicate using the encrypted system. The sent coin effectively becomes a coloured coin. The second party sends the coin to the contract which recognises the coin as being initially sent by the first party and issues a key allowing the second party to access encrypted messages from the first party.

Would this be a good use of ethereum? It would dispense with the need to have a centralised encryption service such as silent circle.



  • gonzokawasakigonzokawasaki LondonMember Posts: 11
    also i imagine this service could be charged for. a small fee could be sent by the contract to the devs.
  • gonzokawasakigonzokawasaki LondonMember Posts: 11
    OK i am guessing bitmessage already does this!! sorry i am a noob (as most ehtereum ppl are). My bad!
  • morpheusmorpheus GaiaMember Posts: 3
    I am also new here, and have been a long time user of xmpp/jabber with Pidgin and Psi+. I have also been using RetroShare which uses friend to friend encrypted communications. Some developers are working on ZeroReserve which is a currency transferring program. xmpp lists in plain text the address of the participants, whereas the protocol used by RetroShare does not - just an address not based on ip.
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