Light client or sending/receiving ETH without full blockchain?

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I assume there isn't a light client for Ethereum yet, as I haven't been able to find any info on one.
So is it currently impossible to receive and send ETH without having the full blockchain?
I have some ETH in two different wallets and would like to convert some of those to DOA, but I am on a slow internet connection and struggling to get the full blockchain. Is there any workaround? Or a fast way to get the blockchain? I have tried geth --fast, but have been downloading for days and still only have about 50000 blocks.
I tried on the company network, but it looks like the ports Mist and geth use are blocked there.

I realise Ethereum is still quite new, hopefully this is something being worked on, like building light clients like most people use for Bitcoin.



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    I've been using

    I just used it to invest into the DAO yesterday in fact. Also, If I'm not mistaken, this is where DAO token holders will vote on submitted proposals.

    I don't know the intracacies of safety etc with this web client, but it certainly beats having to download the entire blockchain (which I was unable to do after about 10 tries, and then discovered MyEtherWallet. You just put your wallet file into the site and enter password if it's encrypted and boom, you're in. It has a specific tab for sending Ether to the DAO, again, just put your wallet files in and send that Ether to the DAO address that is already plugged in on the site (though I would verify it just in case). Less than 2 days left to invest in DAO tokens, so I would jump on that.

    Likewise, it can generate a wallet account/file for you as well if you wanted more addresses and whatnot. Pretty handy.

    Hope that helps. Or at least that it helped someone who happened to come across this thread. :)
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