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The more ownership is shared the more abundance grows for everyone the more capital works for everyone

Just as lifting unjust barriers to the vote was a key to full democratic participation in the political process, lifting unjust barriers to equal ownership opportunities is the key to full democratic participation in the economic process.

full ownership participation was an even more critical pillar of a free and just society than access to the political ballot.

production into two all-inclusive categories — the human (“labor”), and the non-human (“capital”). The central tenet of binary economics is that there are two components to productive output and to income: (1) that generated by human labor, and (2) that generated by capital. Classical economic theory, on the other hand, regards all output and income to be derived from labor whose productivity is enhanced by capital.

broad-based affluence and economic freedom, as opposed to financial insecurity and economic dependency for the many, is made possible through the widespread ownership of constantly improved capital instruments and social institutions to produce more and more consumable goods with less and less input and resources.

The World Game is a thorough, effective, and realistically feasible strategy for accomplishing sustainable physical and spiritual success for all humanity to be realized within the shortest possible time. A tool to comprehensively inform us of the true global impact of human activity, in search for sustainable and fair approaches.

Money is different from wealth, money is used as a medium of exchanging wealth. We have now completely severed money from real wealth. In the game of making money with more money- the financiers of the worlds with their economists continue to exploit the political and religious world assumptions that a fundamental inadequacy of human life support exists around our planet. We think there is not enough to go around, and so we think from a place of scarcity.

The problem with this is that nature is abundant and human intelligence is always ingeniously evolving towards creating more abundance in life, more wealth. The economists are wrong because the constant improvements in the capabilities of humans to use our combined knowledge allows us to always do less with more- strength of new alloys, increase in horsepower and computing power with less and less total cost. We have the capability of producing and sustaining a higher standard of living for all humanity. Nature wants us to figure out the abundance we can have if we design new paradigms.

3The World Game is an initiative based out of North Hollywood, CA to bring to life The World Game ultimate anticipatory design tool for the benefit of all humanity. This approach is comprehensive, technologically competent, and also permanently abandons socially and economically obsolete viewpoints, customs, and practices.

We are in the design phase of a system that tracks the movement of markets, commodities, natural resources, and various layers of GIS data and displays them visually on a holographic globe in real time. This visually displayed stream of data is an important step towards transparency, and total global cooperation. That is to say, we aim to design the tool that can make the world work for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone.

The technology to magically display data on a holographic globe is available to anybody today, the meaningful part is in the transparency this can create in our world, the movement of natural resources, commodities, contracts, shipments, energy sources, production capacity, and a myriad of other relevant information to encourage worldwide cooperative solutions to global-sized problems.

4The World Game makes it incontrovertible that we can live luxuriously entirely on sun-radiation, and the natural energy generated by the earth's core and its movements in the cosmos. The Game makes it brilliantly clear that we have 7 billion billionaires in our planet. The amount of energy that arrives at each second on planet Earth is greater than all the energy used annually by all humanity. Real wealth is then being obscured by the limited money game and its monopolized and unfair credit system.In real terms, the heritage of the world's citizens is being postponed by the lawyers for the now inherently-obsolete power structures of all kinds- religious, political, financial, professional, and academic- all of which exploitative systems are organized only to take advantage of all scarcities, physical and spiritual.

World Gaming takes advantage of the ephemeral nature of the universe. In contrast to Thomas Malthus' theory that there exists a lethal inadequacy of life support on our planet, The World Game is an important step towards fulfilling the promise of the perseverance of the human spirit and the unlimited natural intelligence that exists in the universe to always regenerate and do more with less, efficiently.

5Our problem-solving capabilities are being strangled by ignorant fears and selfishness aboard our home planet. With the instability of the money game and the twilight of the world superpowers we seek to employ the fixed planetary assets and celestially emanating natural energy income in such a matter as to predictably cope with the future of 7 billion+ human lives by providing for their protection, comfort, and nurturing and development.

The World Game must employ world-around, satellite interlinked, data banks and computer visualization of present day geocentric planet Earth wealth accounting. It is the way to synchronize our economic affairs with the cosmic physical and time-energy behavior laws which are synergistically in economic governance of the universe. Nature is abundant and eternally regenerative, our economic systems and beliefs should reflect that. To infinity and beyond.

World Gaming produces truthful, corresponding, insights that are popularly communicable by means of modern communication, and which demonstrates favorable results for all- which will induce agreeing vision and courage on the part of all individuals of spontaneously and progressively intercooperative humanity.

6This is a solution that has been dreamed about since people could first grasp of the concept of a total global earth. My fascination with classroom globes and computer game simulations gave me a good sense that it is advantageous and strategically important to have a bird's eye view look at the world like you get in computer military strategy games. I believe this idea wants to manifest itself. Later I found that Buckminster Fuller and Jacque Fresco spoke of similar geoscopic systems to display vital data in real time to aid in the decision-making process. It is truly a shame that we have so many partisan forces leading the majority of humanity down a path of serfdom and misery. The World Game will broadcast transparency and truth to achieve justice and secure prosperity for all humans.

7In the next three years The World Game can become the most trusted source of information around the planet. Originally, Buckminster Fuller's idea was that this tool could be used at the United Nations for informed decision-making. The main goal is to create a holographic display of the earth with various GIS data streams visualized in real time. It's a no-brainer, not a difficult task given the extent of human capacity today, it is a shame this amazing and necessary tool is not yet being built. There is clearly an abundance of resources and talent available in our planet to make this idea possible. The challenge is in coordinating all the existing technologies and resources to bring this advance to fruition as a tribute to the great minds that came before and visualized the possibilities of tomorrow in The World Game.

8Major cable 24-hour news sources have a business model originally envisioned by Bucky Fuller for The World Game; whereby information is transmitted globally and in real-time to the people of the planet. The problem with news outlets is that they exist on a corrupt money game paradigm which exploits and pillages the resources of the planet and enslaves future generations to financialize every aspect of life itself. This tool is about making the planet work for all, and the only way to get there is to visualize the global-scale problems and conditions we face in real time and to plan anticipating the future.


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