How many MH/s can i get with AMD R7-360? Does it works?

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Does anyone has successfully tried to get mining Ether with an AMD R7-360? I have short budget, just to get a couple of these (R7-360) and i want to know if they works properly...

Gigabyte -->

Asus -->

Thank you...!


  • xeto1210xeto1210 Member Posts: 35
    You should buy gpu over 3gb
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    they'll "work" but it's hardly efficient, i think early reports had them running at about 6-8mh/s, but this is from a few months ago so it's probably a little less, when you compare 2x 360s vs 1x 370, it just doesn't add up, more expensive, higher overall power consumption by a small margin (but this increases the demand on the PSU. thus scaling needs to be considered) you'll also probably need riser cables, etc.

    bottom line is, a 370 will take up only 1 pcie slot, offer more than double the hashrate at a little under double the price and power consumption, AND be slightly more resilient to DAG file size increase, but keep in mind it's GCN 1.0 architecture and those don't tend to do so well, 4gb>2gb too, but that may be irrelevant, we'll have to check synthetic DAG benchmarks, i believe even the r9 280 drops to like 11mh/s at 1.74gb or something in that ballpark, but increases for a while before droping again in the mid 2.xxGB
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