Ethereal runtime panic: QtQuick.Window not installed

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Hi all, Ethereum and Go noob trying to build according to instructions.

I have go-ethereum built and running on a fresh Kubuntu vm. Ethereal seems to build fine, but when executing I get the appended message, which seems to be Qt related. Any tips?

This is what I used to install Qt:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-sdk-team/ppa
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install ubuntu-sdk qtbase5-private-dev qtdeclarative5-private-dev libqt5opengl5-dev

(full details incl Qt at

-------ERROR MSG-------

$ go install && ethereal
2014/04/08 13:58:52 [CHAIN] Last known block height #1
2014/04/08 13:58:52 Last block: ab6b9a5613970faa771b12d449b2e9bb925ab7a369f0a4b86b286e9d540099cf
2014/04/08 13:58:52 Starting Ethereum GUI v0.3.1
2014/04/08 13:58:52 [GUI] Starting GUI
2014/04/08 13:58:52 FATAL: asset not found: you can set an alternative asset path on on the command line using option 'asset_path'
panic: file:////home/jm/.gvm/pkgsets/go1.2/global/src/ module "QtQuick.Window" version 2.1 is not installed

goroutine 1 [running]:
runtime.panic(0x833c920, 0x94bea0c8)
/home/jm/.gvm/gos/go1.2/src/pkg/runtime/panic.c:266 +0x9a*Gui).Start(0x942dcb40, 0x8381328, 0x0)
/home/jm/.gvm/pkgsets/go1.2/global/src/ +0x3d7
/home/jm/.gvm/pkgsets/go1.2/global/src/ +0x558

goroutine 3 [syscall]:
/home/jm/.gvm/gos/go1.2/src/pkg/os/signal/signal_unix.go:21 +0x1e
created by os/signal.init·1
/home/jm/.gvm/gos/go1.2/src/pkg/os/signal/signal_unix.go:27 +0x31

goroutine 4 [syscall]:

goroutine 5 [syscall]: +0x31
/home/jm/.gvm/pkgsets/go1.2/global/src/ +0x52
created by
/home/jm/.gvm/pkgsets/go1.2/global/src/ +0x8a

goroutine 6 [select]:*DB).compactionError(0x94292c40)
/home/jm/.gvm/pkgsets/go1.2/global/src/ +0x18c
created by
/home/jm/.gvm/pkgsets/go1.2/global/src/ +0x38b

goroutine 7 [select]:*DB).compaction(0x94292c40)
/home/jm/.gvm/pkgsets/go1.2/global/src/ +0x571
created by
/home/jm/.gvm/pkgsets/go1.2/global/src/ +0x3c5

goroutine 8 [select]:*DB).writeJournal(0x94292c40)
/home/jm/.gvm/pkgsets/go1.2/global/src/ +0x10e
created by
/home/jm/.gvm/pkgsets/go1.2/global/src/ +0x3da

goroutine 9 [select]:*TxPool).queueHandler(0x942dc1e0)
/home/jm/.gvm/pkgsets/go1.2/global/src/ +0x20b
created by*TxPool).Start
/home/jm/.gvm/pkgsets/go1.2/global/src/ +0x2f
[email protected]:~/.gvm/pkgsets/go1.2/global/src/$


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