ETHEREUM WALLET (ETH BASE) not receiving any ETH

vMihaylov666vMihaylov666 Member Posts: 5
Hi, i've recently downloaded the ETH wallet, followed all the instructions in order to fund it with ETH and buy DAO tokens with the amount. However ive sent just for test 2,5 ETH to the (eth base) address from my Poloniex acc and i can see that the transaction was succsefull at the and the 2.5 ETH are there, but when i open the adress from the ETH wallet it still shows 0 balance and i am afraid i will miss the deadline for DAO, Please help me! i cant find any other support forum for ETH/Wallet. I appologzie if i wrote this on a wrong caterogry or even forum, but i really need help at least to recover my ETH.


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