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Hey @gavofyork amigo,

Sorry for a dump question,
where the log output is

I see this messages on the console:
clogS(NetAllDetail) << "Want chain. Latest:" << m_server->m_latestBlockSent << ", number:" << m_server->m_chain->details(m_server->m_latestBlockSent).number;

and don't see those:
clogS(NetMessageSummary) << "GetPeers";
clogS(NetMessageDetail) << "New peer: " << ep << "(" << id << ")";


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    The logging system is explained in Log.h.

    Basically, there are different channels, each channel has a minimum verbosity for printing, but can also be overridden on or off. You can redirect logging wherever you want but by default it's stdout, except for windows where it'll also print a DebugMessage.

    Where those logs are going depends on your verbosity & channel configuration; if you're not seeing them try increasing verbosity or checking to see if those channels are enabled.
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    That's what I was thinking, I run on linux ,
    and that is my command parameters (verbosity=9 and not interactive)

    HOME=/ethereum /ethereum/cpp-ethereum/cpp-ethereum-build/eth/eth -c ZeroGox.prickly_morse -u -l 30303 -p 30303 -o peer -x 5 -v 9 -m off

    So really don't see what I am missing .
    Any Idea ?

    Thanks in advance
  • romanmromanm Member Posts: 37
    edited April 2014
    by the way, just noticed that
    on the windows version
    it works out of the box

    eth -c somename -u -l 30303 -p 30303 -o peer -x 5 -v 9 -m off
  • gavofyorkgavofyork Member Posts: 14 ✭✭
    The two versions should obviously be identical in output; if they're not, best file a bug with the relevant info.
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