Ethereum Physical coin registration and donation


In the early days I have collected the worlds first Ethercoin's for future blockchain registration! From day 1 I have believed in the project and the future applications. These are a token of that moment and now it is time to apply the technology.

After spending some time to learn how to code and produce smart contracts the task to register and verify these coins with transferrable ownership is beyond my scope.

I would like to send these coins to the Ethereum Foundation or perhaps senior developers to implement a system?

There are so many ways to do this!

Some of the coins have been set aside for donation and as a bounty for the team involved. There are senior members that I would like to give some away as a thank you for bringing these dreams to life!

I would love for Vitalik to have something to do with this hobby project =)

Are there any thought on how to best implement a system for physical coins?

Here is a picture :)


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