Creating a new contract inside a contract (and debugging) makes MIX crash

tcimolitcimoli Cagliari - ItalyMember Posts: 35
edited May 2016 in Mix
So, I have the following contracts:
contract Destroy{ bool iamdead = false; function kill(){ //selfdestruct(msg.sender); //suicide(msg.sender); iamdead = true; } } contract Sample{ bool error = false; Destroy killer; //bool iamdead = false; function Sample(){ killer = new Destroy();//makes MIX crashing if debugging } function testCall(){ if( ! bytes4(sha3("kill()")) )) error = true; else error = false; } }

Contract Sample generates contract Destroy, and then invoke a call upon it.
The creation works fine but if I try to debug it, MIX crashes. Anyone tried something similar?


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