Change path for Ethereum Wallet folder "chaindata"

JanusJanus Member Posts: 4
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Hello, I just started out with Ethereum by downloading/installing the Ethereum Wallet from the Website. (Win7 64bit)
First of all I am not sure about the category this question falls into, so I am sorry if I am in the wrong section of the forum...
I need to know how to change the standard path to the 'chaindata' folder for my wallet since I do not have enough free space on my system partition (C:) and could not find any (obvious) settings/options/... in the UI of the wallet. I need to move the regular main folder (C:/ ... 'User'/Appdata/Roaming/Ethereum) or just the chaindata folder (?) to another drive since these (blockchain) files would just fill up my system partition.
Any ideas on how to do that? I would appreciate any help or tips. Thank you.
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