[Tai Zen] VIDEO (2 of 6): How & Why You Should Invest In Ethereum (ETH)?

Tai_ZenTai_Zen Dallas, TexasMember Posts: 17
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In video 2 of 6, we ask Vitalik how and why we should in Ethereum and how the ethers (currency used in the Ethereum network) will be distributed:


We pretty much ask all the "investing" related questions that you would want to ask before pouring money into Ethereum.

Tai Zen


  • Captain_PicardCaptain_Picard Member Posts: 9
    One important investor question that I think was left out of the conversation: What will Ether be used for and why will its value go up over time? If it's value is not likely to go up over time, what is the point of investing (is there some other valuable use that would encourage people to own Ether)?

    From an investment perspective, the practices and policies of the IPO launch are just minor details, I'd like to see someone explain the long-term value proposition behind Ether as a currency.
  • Tai_ZenTai_Zen Dallas, TexasMember Posts: 17
    My understanding is that the ether will be used as a currency inside the ethereum blockchain just like any other alt coin. Since there will be a limited supply... the price will naturally rise as new users adopt the ethereum blockchain.
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