Javascript Ninja Wanted for long term projects

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Ambisafe is looking for a frontend engineer who is passioned about building beautiful and responsive javascript applications.

About Ambisafe

We are small team of innovators in the blockchain (bitcoin) field with offices in San Francisco, Berlin and Kiev. We are building products that revolutionize finance, e-governance and a number of other industries using ethereum smart contracts technology. You will be working with some of the most talented engineers you’ll ever meet and this is the real chance to become a part of the next unicorn company.


=< 3 years of software engineering experience

Required skills:
one-page applications development using Angular, Backbone or React
bootstrapping new UIs in minutes
State transitions and in-progress indication
full understanding of promises / futures
experience with CQRS/Flux pattern
javascript module management with ES6
git workflows
test-driven development

Will be a plus:

Experience with cryptocurrency
Experience with backend development using NodeJS, SailsJS or Meteor
Experience with finanacial applications
Mobile apps development using Ionic or React Native
Own open source projects

[email protected]


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