Writing contracts as a source of incomes

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Hello world.

Writing contracts will become more & more complex over time, as libraries of scripts/functions will emerge; the needs will expend and will require full time personal on contract scripting&control.

Can be foreseen two aspects in parallel:

1- The development of several software dedicated to contracts scripting assistance (with fancy interfaces and so on)

And more interestingly:

2- The emergence of a new line of business: "Contracts scripting services"
An individual (or a Company, or Organisation; etc) contracts a team of specialists, will provide the terms & conditions of the contract in natural language (or most probably in "lawyer"), and the team will script against a fee the contract for it to run on Ethereum.

In this line of anticipation, what steps can we already take, as a community, to ensure continuity of operations & emergence of those activities?

Thank you for your time and attention.




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