Etheramid - Multi-level social invitation game - no Ponzi

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The first multi-level invitation game based on Ethereum.
It is not Ponzi scheme where you should wait until filling entire level to get Ether back.
You will get Ether back at the time when someone join your network.

There are 2 ways to get Ether back:

1) Invite new participant to join with your Ethereum address. You will get back 50% from each first level participant investment in your network. Also, you will get back 25% from each new participant investment in the second level, 12.5% from each new participant investment in the third level and so on dividing by 2 up to 7 levels.

2)Wait until random selects your network for the new participant without inviter. As everything is based on Ethereum blockchain, that could be live infinitely, you have good chances to win even doing nothing. Just be first.

To join you should send minimum 1 Ether to contract address.

The visualization of network you can check on
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    The contract is updated! New contract address is : 0xfeeb8A968F0d7FD58E29FBfC525051f50eE2FeDC All users are moved to the new contract for free! The old contract still works at address 0x9758DA9B4D001Ed2d0DF46d25069Edf53750767a and are accessible by All your invitation links are live. Read more details.

    The previous version of contract randomly selects a network for the new user without inviter. It was right and fair. But some users started not fair play. They created a lot of accounts and built a chain of them, so at the result, they could join the game without sending 1 Ether ( actually they send but it comes back to them using previous accounts in the chain). That allows them to join from many new created accounts and dramatically increase chances to include new user to their network. In the new version the user can not just send 1 Ether to join a random network, he should select inviter from the graph (he can select any account) and join with selected inviter.

    Join from online wallets: You can join from online wallets, but you must be sure that deposit address for your wallet and address from which you send Ether(withdraw) are the same. This guarantees you will receive your reward. Right now there are many online wallets but all of them use one of two schemes: 1) The deposit and withdrawal (sending) operations are done from one address. 2) The deposit and withdrawal (sending) operations are done from different addresses. The option 1) works with Etheramid, the option 2 - does not work. For example, let's consider Poloniex exchange, to deposit into Poloniex you should send Ether to the generated address for you by Poloniex, but when you withdraw Ether the transaction is initiated from global Polonies account (wallet) not generated address. So it does not suit to Etheramid.
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