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I found out about ethereum yesterday listening to a coin talk broadcast. I am extremely excited about the implication of the potential social impact (all aspects) that it will have. I have attempted in the past to be a world-changer; tackling ignorance of the past, revisionist history, and the effects these things have had on our various modern plights of delusion - primarily through jurisprudence and other philosophy. I could go into details, but I will refrain for now. In short, I ran into a brick wall - obstinate ignorance, the delusion of belief, and a system of control that cannot, and will not, address the issues I attempted to take before the highest court in the land (patriot mythology aside). After my failed attempts, the reality that my idealism was futile and misplaced began to sink in. My own religious paradigm was being torn away by the search for truth - deconstruction and nihilism set in. One must never argue with reality, but where is the balance with hope and idealism; a desire and wish to see the world change and humanity regain something which it has lost? Upon discovering ethereum, that hope has been rekindled in me.

I do not yet understand the full scope of ethereum but I know the power of open source decentralization. So, my question is, what is an appropriate progression of my education in regard to ethereum? I have found "Prison or Freedom", "The Bitcoin Education Project"... I do not have the math or technical training for the back end of many things though I am willing to start the trek of learning. I do wish to have a full understanding of the ethereum platform and how to use it


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    Hello Fior, and welcome. From a non-technical perspective the best way is via these forums, or the blog ( Feel free to ask any question you may have!
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    @Fior_Sirtheoir? You might also check out Tim's excellent writings for a good view on the whole ecosystem (
    If to catch up from the tech side of things, I recommend Prof. Gideon's crypto tutorials ( and this profound course curated by Stanford ( At least it should provide crypto novices like me some intuition quickly ;)
    To see how all the primitives work to perpetuate a crypto blockhain in high level terms I'd go for this introduction:

    Welcome and dive in!
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    @BlueMeanie. Dont know what you heard, probably a lot of nonsense out there.. Bitcoin has its problems, and i am sure some miners just see it as a source of income. That it was created with the intentions that it claims to have. It has its problems, like the large mining pools, ASIC decentralization, some way miners could cheat, the gui client development is not delivering some features it should and more.

    Of course, the wildest claims that it was created by bankers/the status quo to fool us are total nonsense.. If so, that must have been the stupidest plan ever. I mean, it that is what it was, people would run with the idea in a way they have no control over.
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    I was completely talking about Bitcoin, i thought that was meant.

    The sale of initial ethers and ethers dedicated to development pay for development of Ethereum. Once the network goes live, there should be an Ethereum DAO that handles things further. It is not quite worked out how that will work, but control over the ethers dedicated to developers, that isnt pay to developers, will be put in that DAO.

    Below all in my opinion: There may also be important central ethereum contracts like the top NameReg, i expect Ethereum will create them. Of course contracts are completely their code; they do not necessarily need or heed their creators! Once the time comes near, be sure to(let someone/know someone that) check those critical bits of code in the contract! Generally, you need to check that the code does as advertised.

    Back to the central contracts; there are open problems like 'name hoarding' -someone registering all the names, to extort people when they realize they have already been bought- that may need some mechanism to deal with. Possibly the contract will in-effect have a list of names that already exist in the world, we should limit us to <i>those</i> as challengable. Of course this begs the question how to handle challenges. Many ways to do it.. Could be that the Ethereum DAO has control in the case of a challenge. If a trust network exist maybe that could be used. Of course, it would have to work properly, so it cant be gamed..
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    The rate of mined ethers is constant. This means that the money supply growth as a fraction of the total decreases over time. See the <a href="">issuance</a> part of the whitepaper. (
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