Compiler issue in windows 64 bit machine

snehalsnehal Member Posts: 1
Hi All,

I am a newbie in Ethereum. I have got basic idea of smart contract and started working with it. I'm using web3.js for this.
When I try to compile the contract using solidity compiler it is not working. So for now I'm using online solidity compiler.

But I don't want to use online compiler. Please help me to get the solidity compiler installed in my machine.

If I try to open this example in my Chrome browser it pops out error "Uncaught Error: eth_compileSolidity method not available: solc (solidity compiler) not found".

Below are some commands I have tried to set the compiler path but failed to do so.

1. I have downloaded the installer from - and installed the same. After the installation I get the path for solc.exe which I'm using to set the solc flag like --solc "C:\Program Files\Ethereum\solc.exe". After setting this flag if I execute eth.getCompiler() it gives "Solidity" as a result.
2. But if I execute the command admin.setSolc("C:\Program Files\Ethereum\solc.exe") it gives null as a result. And afterwards if I execute eth.getCompilers() it gives null array as a result.

Please let me know how to set the compiler in Win 64 bit machine.



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