Dwarfpool vs. Ethpool.org - clearly lower shares?!

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this morning I added my third card to my little rig and let it run with Dwarfpool a few hours.
There I get constant ~135 (+/-5) shares/hour. Since 3 1/2 hours I let the miner run with Ethpool.org.
Same local mining speed and config. But after this time I see 220 shares/ 0.0% invalid, that means only ~63 shares per hour!

Is this a bad joke or what? If this doesn´t raise, I better go back to Dwarfpool.


  • dlehenkydlehenky Member Posts: 2,249 ✭✭✭✭
    Different pools have different pool difficulties. The diff on dwarfpool is 2B; the diff on ethpool is 4B. This means a "share" on dwarfpool is worth half of a "share" on ethpool. The diff on nanopool is different still, at 5B, so the "share" value there is 25% higher than ethpool. Note, however, the higher the pool difficulty, the more work the miner has to do to earn a "share".
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    The pools calculate this stuff differently. You can't compare shares submitted across different pools to see which is faster. Check your ETH earned and estimated hashrates. They are about the same for me on both of these pools.

    You might submit 500 shares in an hour to dwarfpool and earn .15 eth. You might submit 150 shares in an hour to ethpool and earn .16 eth.
  • dlehenkydlehenky Member Posts: 2,249 ✭✭✭✭
    Also, the network difficulty is changing all the time, as is the pool's "luck" (variance), so comparing pools the way you are doing it is never going to give you an accurate picture.
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