Ethereum-wallet doesn't show the balance,

Martymau91Martymau91 Member Posts: 1
I've sent some ethers from internet account wallet to Ethereum-wallet software. Transaction is went throughout and visibly on but ETH are not in my wallet yet.
is some one can help me with this?

Many thanks



  • cmskipseycmskipsey Member Posts: 1
    edited May 2016
    same problem here - i've transfered 0.5 ETH from Kraken - tx shows up on Etherchain, but balance not update in Ethereum Wallet (v0.7.2 Mac OSX). Did you solve this issue?
  • citronickcitronick Member Posts: 110
    had same issues, then i forgot about it... after a few days, when i launched it again.... the coins are updated. I guess its just slow on the network and may needed confirmations before appearing on local wallet
  • jupiter00000jupiter00000 Member Posts: 7
    My wallet just randomly changed my etherbase address and now my coins are trapped in a different address than the wallet has access to.
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