class org.ethereum.vm.program.Program$BadJumpDestinationException

vkblrvkblr Member Posts: 1
I am using the MyToken sample from

On calling the transfer function with the following parameter, the function returns a transaction hash.
myTokenContractInstance.transfer('0x9543d3eee8bbdc5c2a09074856575e85b58b12e5', '20',
{from: web3.eth.defaultAccount, gas: 3000000, gasPrice: 50000000000},
function (contractErr, contractResult){

When I check the vmtrace of the transaction hash, I get the following error.

Is there anything wrong with the contract(I haven't changed any thing in the code)?
Is there anything wrong with the way I am calling the contract function?


  • smalltalksmalltalk Member Posts: 16
    I have seen this when I have restricted gas to a contract I'm calling within a contract and it has not been enough gas. I would remove the gasPrice: argument altogether and up the gas and see if that helps.
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