MSI R7 370 - How to get the maximum hashrate possible!



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    i get

    cranked up nb to x12 and increased pcie voltage, gpu1 is the r7 370

    temp wise its 60 degrees
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    after more tweaking, same voltage, i really wanted to see 17.5, but that would mean id have to go into bios, i guess this will be fine for now, and my 60 degree mark is with a case with no fans just cpu and stock gpu fans, if this was water cooled im sure it would push up to prolly 22, and gpu0 is a fm2 a6 5400, its at 1086 with 1600mhz ram the cpu is undervolted at 3.7ghz, no stability issues, if someone tells you something will last longer if you dont overclock it, tell them in a few years it will be worthless anyway, i overclock everything have never had a failure yet, although, some stuff is getting outdated... :( guess it needs to higher to keep up
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    well i guess ill leave this as my maximum, my cpu cant multiply the nb anymore, maybe on a non apu you can do more or with phase cooling thats x14 as you can see i had to turn the onboard down, and the ram speed to acheve this, and since i game while mining on the onboard, it is unacceptable loss and i am hashing less this way, i hope i help on your quest to acheve the max hashrate on r7 370

    and i guess to answer your question thats the maximum amount of time im willing to put into finding the max, as far as i know that is the max anyone has done on this card
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    How much Watt does it pull from the wall?
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    How much Watt does it pull from the wall?

    right now @ 80% fanspeed on the Corsair AX860 Platinum Plus PSU 866w
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    @bitsbetrippin you should try to stabilize your northbridge higher and see if you can get faster at the same settings, idk what cpu that is, but a dedicated mining machine you could turn down your multiplier by a lot and ram speed to maybe get higher hash speed

    edit, oh ya it looks perty
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    this is my current settings

    i managed to get >17.5 on x12 multipler, i use claymores, the 1% fee is well worth such a nice miner
    17.5.jpg 170.1K
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    the north bridge multiplier it would be in your bios settings, its the communication line between the cpu, ram and pcie rails its built into your cpu now adays it used to be a separate chip back in the old days with apu's at sub 0 temps the north bridge can clock way higher, but unfortunately adding a phase cooler would use more electric

    theres a lot of info on the world wide web
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    Well I don't make computers dedicated to mining. Our office leaves the computers on 24/7 already, so I am just adding 1 video card to each computer...currently R9 380x... It is only adding about 140W to the existing power usage.
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    while mining the draw would probaby be over 200W for sure so be carefull
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    that doesnt explain my results... possibly could it be a reaction between cpu commands and pcie i think the cpu tells the gpu what to do in the miner, ive never compiled a miner though, just purely speculation

    my question to you, why can i get 17.5 mh/s and everyone else is stuck below 17?
    i would say until someone else trys it and its either confirmed or debunked im saying it is my gain, my slot is only a pcie 2.0 also

    just my 2 pennies, maybe only 1 or 2 pins is used for direct cpu commands, and those are in the 1x slot, i wish i was more helpful with a explanation but again im speculating and giving you my hypothesis
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    @kwell42 that screenshot you posted depicts periodic hashrate dips (17.2MH/s, 16.6MH/s), which suggests your hashrate probably isn't actually >17.5MH/s.
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    Hey guys,

    Thanks to all the info in this forum I got my two rigs up and running just over a month ago and things are running smoothly. Except for one little thing which bugs me and that is the hashrate of one of my rigs.

    Its a 6x R7 370 Sapphire Nitro rig on ubuntu 15 using the fglrx update drivers and qtminer.
    Im using aticonfig OD to have the cards running at 1110 core and 1500 mem (the most stable and efficient setting i was able to get). The rig pulls 777 watts from the wall and about 90W is just the computer in idle.

    Qtminer reports a hashrate of 85 MHs and ethermine an effective average of 81 MHs.
    That gives me a hashrate of 14.1 to 13.5 respectively per card.

    Now after reading through this thread it seems like my cards are under performing by about 2 to 3 MHs per card.

    I would be happy if there was anyone out there with a suggestion, hint or constructive comment to help me get a bit more squeeze out of these cards.
    Thanks in advance!

    p.s. on another note at what GPU temperature would the heat start to influence performance on a R7 370?
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    @bitcanuck thanks for the reply! Ill take a look into using atitweak to increase the voltage of the cards. I was under the impression GPU voltage tweaks on ubuntu were close to impossible, at least if one wasn't willing to flash the cards BIOS. Thanks again and Ill post back with results as soon as I have them.
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    Any more ideias?

    Do you think theres a correlation with your video card plug direct on mobo or with pcie/usb ???

    Can a mobo elevate the h/s of video card?
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    work said:

    @bitcanuck ya, I don't have r7 370s tho. My R9 cards increase in hashrste output the longer the kernel runtime is. Lower kernel runtimes decrease hashrate. Might be a quirk with certain cards tho.

    Scrap it, answered my own question. Can 't delete my post. :smiley:
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    bitcanuck said:

    And oh yes, I do use Kill A watt meters :P Don't want to put more than 80% strain on my 20A circuits.

    Good info on the 370's; thanks. I try to limit my circuits to 50% to reduce power losses. 20A circuits are usually 12AWG, and running 16A on them will waste 50-100W in the circuit from the panel (unless it is a really short run close to the panel.

    Yep, I bought some 12 AWG and 14 AWG extension cables from Lowest
    bitcanuck said:

    @flanalog I had to up the voltage of my R7 370 to the max in order to get it stable at 1150/1500.
    atitweak -A $R370 -e 1150 -m 1500 -v 1.188 -P 1

    My current cooling setup isn't great, so the card is running hot at 80-82C.

    I bought both MSI 370 cards. The Gamer OC and the regular OC. The Gamer OC has no problems staying at 1150 mhz gpu / 1500mhz ram. I did bump it to 1175/1600mhz, but it crashed after an hour or s:pensive: I also did not notice a huge performance gain going this high.

    The regular MSI OC with the white plastics has issues holding at 1150/1500 mhz. It crashed after a few hours.

    Btw, I was not able to change the voltage on my 370 cards. I am using fglrx-updates. Very interesting. So in Linux I can get a bit over 16mh/s on 13 x 370 cards. I can try using mesa drivers and modifying my environement variables + configs next...for now I'm looking for stable efficiency.
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    @bitcanuck thanks again for the atitweak tip!

    after installing atitweak and running --status i found out that all 6 of my cards already have their core-voltages set to 1.188V. Im not sure whether to find this strange or not. either way this obviously put a damper on my mood considering my hashrate is still lower then to be expected according to the other R7 370 testimonials, even after raising my core clocks to 1150 from 1110.

    I had a gain of roughly 1 MHs across the 6 cards...

    I did however find out that my fans were running at around 40% capacity, so i changed that to 70% and my cards are now running 10 degrees celsius cooler then before.

    Are there any other thoughts out there on squeezing out a little more juice?

    Thanks again for the help and support!
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    @bitcanuck funnily enough i cant change the vcore on 5 of the cards but it does seem to 'work' for one of them, however the range is limited between 1.163 to 1.188 not more not less. your probably right that it has to do something with the BIOS versions of the cards. maybe flashing is the only way to go here.

    in the meantime i tried out genoils ethminer but it didnt have a positive effect on my hashrate. So after letting genoils run for half a day I switched back to qtminer.

    on another side note, i found a video from the first time i ran the rig with stock clocks back in the end of march and it was hashing at 83MHs... Now when i run the rig on stock clocks I get 77MHs.. does that have something to do with the increase in network difficulty or are my cards just getting lazier overtime ;)
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    A quick update.

    After a bit more research I realized I completely missed the environment variables! And then on top of that I completely missed trying out local and global work settings..

    So I tried out 256 with 16384 but it was too unstable. Erratic hash rates were reported from the miner.
    But I managed to stable out at 128 and 8192 giving me a hash rate of 88MHs.

    I did all of this with Genoils miner 1.0.7 and it works like a charm. I didnt compare it with qtminer to see if the hash rate was any different. The main advantage I am noticing though is that im not getting any more invalid shares reported at My other rig is still running qtminer and reports invalid shares.

    So now im going to run Genoil on my other rig as well.. if I can just get around this build issue Im having...

    Happy Hashing!
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    kwell42 said:

    @bitsbetrippin you should try to stabilize your northbridge higher and see if you can get faster at the same settings, idk what cpu that is, but a dedicated mining machine you could turn down your multiplier by a lot and ram speed to maybe get higher hash speed

    edit, oh ya it looks perty

    can you walk me through how i would do that
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    Hey, i accidentally put in -p 1 instead of -P 1 in atitweak and now it says poweretuned by 1%.
    Does this (powertune) improves anything? Thanks

    Besides, i see no difference between 1100 and 1150 for core clock, maybe it is even slightly worse (off by 1mh for the rig).
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    which mainboard do you recommend for the 6x r7 370 rig?
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    The MSI 370 cards benefit the most when you increase the ram Frequency. There was a significant performance gain when i changed the ram from 1400mhz to 1500mhz. Core slightly helps the gain, but is not totally necessary.

    .local/bin/atitweak -A 0,1,2,3,4,5 P 1 -e 1150 -m 1500 -f 78
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    @baki so you'd connect the gpus to the pcie x1 slots using a riser cable?
  • bakibaki Member Posts: 26

    @baki so you'd connect the gpus to the pcie x1 slots using a riser cable?


    yes i did.
    board h81 btc with 5 gpus
    gpus: r9 390
    brand: core-mem-temp
    sapphire:1160 - 1600 - 63 (this one is close to the wall)
    msi 1160 - 1600 - 66
    msi 1160 - 1600 - 62
    gigabyte 1160 - 1600 - 64 (this is the hottest)
    sapphire 1160 - 1600 - 53 (this one is far from the others but 30 mh)
    total 150-151 megahash
    watt system: 1570

    no other cooling-it is 26 degrees outside. for me sapphire looks the best. but i ll check for wattages both msi and sapphire. according to that i am planning to make some more rigs. gigabyte windforce sucks.
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    How many cards do you have? If 6, then you can drop -A argument as default is ALL.
    Also, -P 1 instead of P 1 for performance level 1, right?
    I like ASUS Strix OC 4gb-being overclocked to 1150/1500 fans are at 36-45% only if you let them be and the rig is VERY quiet.
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    increase your power limit to 20%
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