miner's opinions about DAO

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@dlehenky @o0ragman0o @MrYukonC @ethfan
What you guys think about DAO?
As a miner, I have mixed feelings, apart that it increased eth price so far :).
Besides, if I already installed geth, but did not sync it for a while, can I install Mist on top of it?
Are you guys using ethereum bulding procedure:
not sure what they mean by run mist
Just type mist in terminal after installing it?

or use this to install:


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    @Biodom See my post here about news articles.

    Yes you can run Mist or geth on the same system (maybe not at the same time though). It's a wallet, interface is nice imo, been using it for months.
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    If you run geth first, and then open mist, it will use the running geth instance as the backend. If you launch mist on its own, it'll fire up geth in the background.
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    OK, i have a wallet created by geth.
    geth 1.3.5 is running and I synced it.
    If I install mist in my system (Linux 15.10), is there a chance that mist install will mess up my pre-existing coinbase and wallet (made by geth) or they are completely separate?
    BTW, is it worth it to update to 1.4 geth?
    can i send eth from geth wallet directly to DAO?
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    @Biosdom Mist just runs geth is the background, if it isn't already running. You can start geth first, and then mist, and it'll use the running geth instance.

    Yes, you could send eth from geth directly the DAO wallet.
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