Help! After unlocking my Account i instantly lost 20 Ether!!!???

t0mit0mi AustriaMember Posts: 12

im running a geth node on a vserver, where i solomine to with my homepc. the last 2 weeks i found 4 blocks
finally i thought i send them to my homewallet.

so i logged in my vserver
entered my screen session where geth console is ready

after unlocking my account with:

personal.unlockAccount("0x0468edf9a7e96b576c3cb3335f42723c1f832762", "mysupersecretpassword")

i instantly sent 20.17289282 Ether to 0x96eb39e1f6ef20189a0cfadebbcb8c6ca10ee5d3


i just shutdown my node.

can anyone help me please?


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