Ethereum Supporting to Disrupt the Travel Sector

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Pre-sale of blockchain Membership to Drachmae Proof of Concept to Reality.

After the successful Proof of concept on the Island of Agistri back in 2015 various verticals was established to disrupt the Travel sector using blockchain technology alongside providing benefits to the Travellers.

Supporting Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, Dash, NXT, BitcoinDark, Doge, Transfercoin and Nautiluscoin.

Due to specific delays over the past 6 months that held the project going forward this enabled better negotiations with set providers to deliver better services.

What was the delays? Same as usual funding!

Due the disruption and work that was done in 2015 the project gathered support from channel partners who like the idea of disruption in the travel sector, so Drachmae is now in the position to release of the VIP blockchain membership which is resellable onto another in the similar manner as a private golf club or gym membership.

500 @ 300 $ until 19/05/2016

When the 500th Early worm membership has been sold we will initiate the final licences and final development of the travel members portal. (12 to 16 weeks) the goal to achieve is to be ready for September for the Football season so that we may support football clubs and there fans in Europe.

There is also branches of Drachmae being set up and getting ready to go to market in India and Singapore

500 @ 350 $ until 02/06/2016

When the 500th Early bird membership has been sold we will be able to release a new multi wallet that will support the DT Token for loyalty and support the following currencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, Dash, NXT, BitcoinDark, Doge, Transfercoin and Nautiluscoin.
Shortly after we will also make available a Virtual and Physical Visa/Mastercard connected to the wallet and APP. (Visa Mastercard will take 6 to 12 Weeks)

500 @ 400 $ until 16/06/2016

When the 500th Lunch worm membership has been sold a separate development team will start to work on the browser similar to Ethereum Mist browser that will specifically handle Drachmae Exchange from where you will have your smart contract based membership and be able to Trade your VIP Membership.
Drachmae exchange will also support the following Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, Dash, NXT, BitcoinDark, Doge, Transfercoin and Nautiluscoin “USD, GBP and Euro later on more Fiat currencies later on.

Drachmae Exchange will also provide Geo Mapping to support Drachmae Connect a global business trade network portal enabling business members and users to find Accepting location and physical locations to exchange local currency and Digital Currency.

1000 @ 450 $ until 30/06/2016

Now we come to the interesting part of the project, DT Chain will start to be rolled out the permission based network that will enable the network to leverage functions of Ethereum such as smart contracts and some core functions of NXT as a public ledger. To kick off the network DT Chain will roll out up to 100 Permission based Nodes to support the network of its own.
Once the 1000th Membership is sold we will open up the networks to be obtained by the public and the key area of interest with DT Chain is the fact it can leverage functions from any public chain and DT Chain can be used to create a network within a network.
Banks wishing to control its own network and data but also needs to make transaction outside of its network or if certain information for a jurisdiction is required to be stored in its territory it can be done over those local supporting nodes. (This also enables 1000s of Transactions Per second)

7500 @ 500 $ Start 14/07/2016

Normal retail price to the VIP Membership
Launch of Beta Version of Travel App Game on Android
Launch of Travel Roaming Sim Network
Launch of Drachmae Connect business Network Portal
Launch DT-Token Asset Pool PRM service
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    The Drachmae Project Announces its Crowdsale to Disrupt the Travel Sector

    In 2015, during the Grexit debate, the Drachmae Project was exploring various use cases over the blockchain. Now, in 2016, after the educational Proof of Concept, Drachmae Project is moving forward to use blockchain technology to disrupt the travel sector.

    Last year a multi-currency wallet called Drachmae Money was constructed. SMS and NFC interfaces were added and tested alongside card payments. The lessons learned highlighted some risks, for instance that it is highly possibly to do double spending using Bitcoin etc.

    With the testing on Agistri Island in Greece conducted with real people that had never heard of digital currency and blockchain, Drachmae Project has credible data on which to build services that are centered on human behaviour, which was the most important element to the project.

    Consumers and businesses alike require this most of all: Convenience, Savings, Assurance and Community. Techno-centric thinking tends to lose sight of these benefits.

    The lessons were learnt and now the Drachmae Project is building its commercial solution, targeting travel. Unlike the trials it is not going to use just one blockchain such as NXT. It will be using Ethereum as well, and an innovation called Permission Nodes, otherwise nicknamed DT Chain.

    A Permissioned Blockchain eliminates the mining arms race we have seen in Bitcoin. This problem has resulted in a reduced trust of the consensus mechanism since large groups have emerged that can potentially lead to manipulation.

    The viability of Proof of Stake has also not been validated in a real world situation.

    With a Permissioned Chain the node players are known and ultimately responsible for their actions. They can also be bound by real world contractual agreements.

    Drachmae project is launching its crowdsale predicated on the work and lessons learnt last year, and what must be improved on, primarily the permission based ledger that will support and enhance instant transactions.

    The Crowdsale is presenting 2 instruments.
    ICO for the native Token used by the network, DT Token
    I.M.O Limited tokenized and smart contract based Membership to private Travel club that will support multiple currencies along with the memberships being tradeable which makes them more unique.
    Membership Limitations:
    Standard 50,000 Memberships
    Gold 25,000 Memberships
    VIP 5,000

    DT Token total supply will be limited to 88,888,888. For the Crowdsale 8,888,888 are being released. The proceeds are pledged to support the release of the Travel App Game, set to launch in June, and Travel Club in September 2016. The most important development is the travel money service, using blockchain technology and connected to a branded prepaid card.

    The larger question to be answered is whether there is actually appetite to disrupt the Travel Sector, and why this type of project would be supported. Is it the start of an alternative loyalty and rewards mechanism to compete with Air Miles that is currently in decline.
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    G416G said:

    Its perhaps as bad as the persian guy who wanted to make country out of ethereum. Next time you have a wonderful idea as wild as this you might want to hold a feasibility study, where you would discover that the demographic for this is non existent.

    Lol, words like "disruptive" get thrown around far too much.
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