Please don't shut down the forum



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    @Ikeago I have no idea, really. I'm waiting to see what actually happens to this forum.
  • HelioxHeliox Member, Moderator Posts: 634 mod
    Cheap coins on the market now.. rumors are awesome :)
  • vcealicuvcealicu LondonMember Posts: 3
    Everyone is always welcome to join our forums: We are planning on adding more categories and multiple features. We had most of our traffic on the guides from this forum so we're sad as well to see it shut down.

    I agree about the moderation issues, we get a lot of affiliate links and spam as well, and it's really time consuming to filter through them.

    But if anyone needs a nice community that generally comes from a mining background or finance and trade, have a look at our site. Any feedback is always appreciated.
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    @vcealicu +1 cryptocompare is a good site. Anything is better than Whisper or Swarm (such a derogatory term... Mr Cameron our pig loving prime minister referred to the migrants as a SWARM).
    Notice the pig reference... It's so nice to be free.... I'm glad im not German... I would not be allowed to call our world leaders “lovers of farm yard animals”. I would not be able to say.... “Erdoğan made love to a donkey called Merkel and they called their new born piglet Trotsky. No... I would not be able to say that. no, no, no, not at all
    BTW are we into extra time here?

  • greenusergreenuser 50.8862°N 4.5537°WMember Posts: 439 ✭✭
    Is SPAM a PORK product?
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