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Uros09Uros09 Member Posts: 7
I am new in mining Ethereum. I mine with ethminer on Ubuntu 15.04 server edition at ethereumpool.co with msi r9 280x graphic card which is in x16 slot. During mining I notice that I get info about mining with 19-20 Mhs. However on https://badmofo.github.io/ethereum-mining-calculator/ when I put 20 Mhs I get result like I should mine 0.28 per day. In reality I get only 0.24 per day. ethminer -G -M show to me average of 22 Mhs not 20 so I guess I should get more than 20 during mining. Question is is this mining calculator wrong or is this some ethereumpool mining pool problem or is it some option like that I should put 26 in ethminer command instead of just 22 ?

Thank you in advance


  • sony87sony87 Member Posts: 24
    Mining calculators take snapshot of the current network speed + average block time, this is not constant during the day. That's why you get different results with one card. We see very big difference also while using 1GH+ of speed. Don't worry, all is good.
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    These are "estimations" ...
    After you have your miner latency, invalid share, block time variation, pool luck, difficulty variation etc ...

    So when your card is hashing @22Mh/s with network latency, share validation and submit, get works etc, the pool probably see something like 20-21Mh/s
    Then difficulty change, block time and pool luck will introduce another variation.

    It's like saying. I got a car with 4 passengers places, It drive at 100Km/h so for a 10km travel I can do it 10 times and bring 40 persons to destinations ... it's an estimation.
    You will never drive @100Km/h all time, you will brake when arriving, do a tournaround, take a few seconds to load and unload passengers. So you will probably after an hour you will not have done 10 times the drive, but 9,8 and still on the road to finish the 10th.

    So take your mean hashrate, calcutate the earning and remove like 5/10% form the expected number of ETH, and you will have something more accurate
  • th00berth00ber Member Posts: 213 ✭✭
    For exemple : I got 96 Mh/s
    Eth calculator says 1.3 eth/day.

    But if I check my actual payout for the last 24h it's something like 1.10 eth/day ... -15% that what is estimated :)
  • Uros09Uros09 Member Posts: 7
    Ok thanks for info now I think I have full picture.
  • _javi__javi_ Member Posts: 24
    -15% or -20% from what calc says is what i really get.
    I get used to it. Every calc do the same. And i tried many pools too (nanopool, coinotron, dwarf).
    Just enter 80% of your hashrate and you will get a real result.
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