Can I use in one rig nVidia and AMD GPU together?

KyryloKyrylo Member Posts: 4
for example i have nVidia GTX 780 2pcs and 2 AMD cards Readeon 7950,
will whey mine together in one rig?
Сan I run QtMiner twice on one PC? or how it should look?

and another question:
Can I mix in one rig different GPU from one maker?
for example: AMD 7950+7970+r9 280+r9 290+r9 380
for example2:nVidia GTX 780+660+950+960
or it necessarily to have only the same GPU in one rig?

Thanks in advance


  • th00berth00ber Member Posts: 213 ✭✭
    I think it will work, but you have to use a miner where you can specify a specific DAG file path.
    (like geniol or claymore if I'm right).

    Because you will need to start a miner for the Nvidia cards on a specific DAG
    And another process for the AMD cards on another DAG
  • KyryloKyrylo Member Posts: 4
    thanks for your reply!
    byt sorry, I'm a novice user and do not understand about specific DAG file path...
    I need something special to prescribe or use some kind of specific program?
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