Overclocking R7 370 Results

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Rig #1 is 6 MSI R7 370s
Im getting 89-90Mh/s, or 15Mh/s per card.
Using MSI Afterburner I maxed the core clock to 1150 and the memory clock to 1500

Rig #2 is 6 ASUS R7 370s
I'm getting 98-100Mh/s, This makes me happy
Using MSI Afterburner i was able to max the core clock to 1175, 25MHz more than the MSI, and i set the memory clock to 1650, but im able to go as high as 1820, 320MHz more than the MSI. I had to set the memory clock to 1650 because im using a 1000w PSU and if i try to set it to 1700 or higher my rig crashes and resets, i think it was drawing too much power. I don't know why ASUS allows for higher overclocking than MSI.

Rig #3 is 3 MSI R7 370 and 3 ASUS R7 370
im getting the same as Rig #1
The clock speeds cant go as high as Rig #2, i think because it defaults to the MSI card settings.

Here is a pic of Rig #2 at work.

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