Relation between cpp-ethereum and geth?

I'm a newbie so please excuse this basic question.....

What is relation between cpp-ethereum and geth? Must everyone install one or the other?
Or rather, does the C++ code and the Go code work together?




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    Hi Chris.

    I was confused by this as well.
    Ethereum is rather unique as there are more than one implementations/projects that are essentially trying to achieve the same - the C++, Go and Python implementations are the most popular ones.

    Each of those projects contains an own independent client as the minimum (e.g. geth in Go ethereum and eth in cpp-ethereum) and may include other complementary tools such as Mix IDE in cpp-ethereum or Mist browser in the Go one.

    If you just need a client then you only really need to install one of those.
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    Parity looks like the fastest client to me. Check out the stats on their page.

    To find out more about Ethereum clients, check out that thread on Stack Exchange:
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