Please stop censoring this forum!

Yesterday, I saw @G416G making derogatory remarks about Ethereum and it's founders. Today, having thought about his views, I intended to reply. I can't. All the posts and comments he ever made have been deleted.

Censorship is a symptom of fear and insecurity. Fear and insecurity suggest that the censors have something to hide. If that is the condition of this forum's moderators then everyone with any kind of stake in Ethereum should also be fearful and insecure, because something must be deeply wrong.


  • WarehousemanWarehouseman Member Posts: 31
    Btw, I do know the forum rule
    No adhominem (personal insults)
    and it is true he was calling people idiots. However, with all his past posts gone we can no longer see if that was a broad pattern of behaviour, or not. Which is another reason why it's grossly heavy handed to remove everything he has ever said .
  • greenusergreenuser 50.8862°N 4.5537°WMember Posts: 439 ✭✭
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    I agree, I think things are best in the open. I say some stupid stuff at times but when I am challenged, I take what is said on board. This is how we all learn.

    @Warehouseman That said, this is a private forum. If you were to come round to my place and you started calling people here idiots or something of the like, I would throw you out on the street.
    Just because it's open house, the owners still get to choose what data they host and make available for its guests and users.

    If for instance the comments were racists, (I'm not implying they were) the owners could be held responsible for distributing racist material. You can go to prison for that in the UK. Do you think some of the worlds brightest mathematical minds are gonna risk their freedom and their 6 figure bank accounts in law suits for your right to free speech?
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  • WarehousemanWarehouseman Member Posts: 31
    There are many ways to sanction a rule breaker. I would like to know how inappropriate G416G really was, but I can't any more, can I?

    A private forum about a deliberately open product has to be wiser than this.
  • WarehousemanWarehouseman Member Posts: 31
    No I had not. That only just went up, no?
  • o0ragman0oo0ragman0o Member, Moderator Posts: 1,291 mod
    @Warehouseman, I don't think there are any moderators here. He'd racked up 21 abuse points.... maybe there's an auto feature censoring based upon that....

    @greenuser, thx for the heads up, wasn't aware
  • greenusergreenuser 50.8862°N 4.5537°WMember Posts: 439 ✭✭
    Lets hope ETH is not a ponzi. Shapeshift was hacked too on Sunday (allegedly), I think it was hi-jacked and the Hat that got in, encrypted their files and issued a bitcoin ransome, but I am often wrong. (A small price to pay for being lucky though)
  • o0ragman0oo0ragman0o Member, Moderator Posts: 1,291 mod
    don;t know much about the hack but it coincided fairly closely with the drop in eth value. Don;t know the volumes but Shapeshift is a pretty significant exchange for Eth. With it out of the picture the demand seems not to have flowed through to the other exchanges. Might indicate the size of eth's dark value...
  • GorovukGorovuk MontenegroMember Posts: 6
    I was also insulted by same person, without any reason. And I replied him as politely as I could. Basically, I told him, if he is not interested in discussion to go away and do something else, and I got banned.
  • GorovukGorovuk MontenegroMember Posts: 6
    Since I am a begginer, it was very strange to me.
  • GorovukGorovuk MontenegroMember Posts: 6
    I was insulted by your comment, and I am not that Russian guy that you are talking about, neither I am white, it is hard to say maybe a mixture between light ocher and light orange. Just don't be such a hater. I don't care that I was banned, but if someone attacks me I like to cross arguments. So give some arguments for your claims.
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