Coin age for reputation systems

Just an idea, I think coin age would be very useful in subverting reputation systems -- can't send your own money back and forth to subvert the system and build up reputation.

This will end up with people selling old coins for reputation though.

Any other ideas for preventing gaming of trust systems/reputation systems for e.g. a market?


  • XertroVXertroV Member Posts: 10
    Ahh, as in reputation earned = trade_value * coindays_destroyed or something similar?

    It's nice but also allows big boys to push up their reputations by colluding and destroying massive amounts of coindays.

    What might be fairer is something like total_rep = total_trades * log(total_coindays_destroyed)
    The log() is there to not give too much weight to massive txs.
  • kittenkitten Member Posts: 6
    I was coming at this from a "let's implement freebay" type perspective. On eBay, sellers have reputations. A seller offers something in exchange for something, and I can come along as a buyer and can see that reputation and feel confident purchasing off this stranger. On freebay, I want to replicate this. However, there's nothing to stop me from making 1000s of faux transactions, all with good feedback. eBay can notice this and throttle it, but we don't have that luxury on freebay[1]

    So I was thinking "1000s of faux transactions with the same coins should be worth considerably less than 1000s of transaction with legitimate coins, because the legit coins will have more coin days"

    > Doesnt that just promote making many smaller fake entities trusted?

    I don't understand, can you elaborate?

    The more I think about this, the more I realise that perhaps it's just the case that we'll never be able to stop people from circumventing the system by buying and selling trust.

    [1] we might actually have this luxury on freebay after all. New guy enters the market, does 1000 deals in the first day, seems less trustworthy to me than a guy who does 1000 deals over a year.. Seems unfair though, first guy might have just marketed well. I wonder how eBay deal with this.
  • JasperJasper Eindhoven, the NetherlandsMember Posts: 514 ✭✭✭
    I meant log(total_coindays_destroyed) promotes splitting up your coins into multiple adresses immediately, and doesnt really help.

    The idea is that generally if U is some usefulness derived by some freely divisible value V, then U(Va+Vb)≥U(Va)+U(Vb) to avoid people being better off splitting up value. Egalitarianism wants it smaller, but it just doesnt work, best we can do is equal.

    Same shit here, but i think i should look at the case where you disadvantage 'small users' in one way but give them an advantage the other way.

    In 'identifying the human', we can essentially remove divisibility.
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