Migrating away from the Ethereum Forums

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Hello all!

Some of you may remember that a few months ago, Ethereum's Taylor Gerring ran a community poll titled: [POLL] What should we do with the official forums?

The answer at the time was a resounding "let the forums go, let's move on! There are much better platforms available".

We agree with the community's sentiment, and are now actively looking at closing down the Ethereum Forums.

Any information held on the forum will still be available on http://web.archive.org/

We'll begin a 14 day count down before the off switch is flicked starting.... NOW!

Focus will move to what Reddit community members /u/drcode/ & /u/symeof eloquently put as:

Reddit for general stuff and news.

Gitter for more private/urgent communication.

Stack Exchange for every question: basic, technical & complex.

If you have any questions, let us know :)



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