current name registrar address?

I had a build of the code a while ago (i think it was some version of poc3) that had names showing for some of the contracts and addresses. That seems to be lost now. The name registrar I currently have in alethzero is 8ff91e5b145a23ab1afef34f12587c18bd42aec0 but that address does not show up in the contracts. Is this due to a fork in the blockchain not having this address (i have heard we currently have 3+ chains running). There are currently 16386 blocks in the chain I am working off of. Is there a namereg contract on this chain? If so does anyone know what it may be?

As far as this problem goes would it be a wise idea to have namereg "hardcoded" into the client or have a way to receive it when you connect to I do not think this would be fair to be preloaded in the final version, but for the testnet this might be nice until we are no longer forking the chain.


  • mode80mode80 Member Posts: 64 ✭✭
    Did you have any luck with this?

    My OSX AlethZero POC3 client also cannot see the 8ff91e name registrar in the contracts list.

    I want to be on the same chain as, but apparently I'm not. That site does not know about my ether accounts, but it does know about the name registrar at 8ff91e...

    To try again, I blew away the data directory (~/Library/Application Support/Ethereum on OSX) and restarted. That caused the blockchain to re-download but still no 8ff91e..

    Since everyone has hardcoded as the initial peer, I'm not even sure how anyone could be on a different chain without intentionally isolating.
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