Ether Lotto - Test your luck - Help wanted with investing to test the program works

So before I finalise everything on a website, i'm wanting to beta this lotto I have

Everything should be automatic, You should receive a payout (if you win) at 11am GMT.

The Deposit Ether Address is here: 0xae346f3fAFb9F55f4Fc3d5d008BF383db8F4c095

The more you deposit the higher the chance you have of winning the pot.

If you Deposit to this other address: 0x4d2DD54A431eB511804f9Abcc8e5235D2C2310E6

The prize is split between 5 people. This prize is split. So if 10 people enter at 1 ether each, The pot is 10 Ether, That means 5 people will win 2 ether.

The prize is calculated using a random word, This word is hashed, Timestamped, Rehashed and then the first 3 numbers of the random hash are used to match the best address.

If you private message myself with your deposit address i'll refund the first 20 people who help me test this 25% of their bet. Meaning you have a full chance of winning from a 75% bet!



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