Future Marketing Idea for Ethereum (something a bit different)



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    These ideas have been kicking around for some time already. I just read Charles Stross' Accellerando, published in 2005, with some great speculative ideas of smart contracts and autonomous corporations. Etherium looks like the first generation of an enabling technology for that kind of future.
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    Nice idea!
    plus Ethereum language should have more "markable" name, for example : Etherscript...or Ethereum Basic or ... etc.
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    Okay - I have not had time to read over every comment in this discussion because of work, so if I'm pointing out something that has already been proposed then just let me know.

    All of these are great ideas for promoting or marketing Ethereum, and I especially like the idea of having a Sci-fi novel or short YouTube cartoon that depicts a future world that heavily utilizes Ethereum.

    However, last night I was doing some thinking. One of the things that is used the most by local schools in my area (East Texas) to help introduce students to code is Codeacademy. As someone that doesn't have a lot of code skill I have even used it some to better understand things.

    So, why not request that Codeacademy add or integrate Ethereum's language into their tutorials?

    Or, if they won't do that, have an Ethereum version of Codeacademy developed.

    Think about all of the kids and students that could essentially learn Ethereum's language, and begin building or experimenting with whatever they like.
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    @kershy, about 'only software engineers need to know this'... We *cant* have the general public in the dark about this. A car doesnt veer off course because the eyes of the driver are on the road.

    Information on how it must work must be spread out well. Of course not everyone can learn how stuff works, but somehow information has to flow so that people can make decisions about it.

    Besides that, there are a lot of contracts people could interact pretty directly with.

    Very cool idea! Even the propositions to promote it are futuristic..
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    @giannidalerta Hmmm, mixed market condition...Coders and laymen going to respond very differently. I agree a good story would be a great tool to help raise awareness.
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