Mist syncing stuck & NAT-PMP message? Pls Help

cryptoaskercryptoasker Member Posts: 28
Hey guys I have a laptop with win10 x64 and downloaded the mist wallet. The blockchain won´t sync, I have to restart every 2 minutes (no joke!) for syncing the blockchain.

Also I am having this message at every start: "mapped network port tcp:30303 -> 30303 (ethereum p2p) using NAT-PMP("

Hope you can help.


  • cryptoaskercryptoasker Member Posts: 28
    I deleted the %APPDATA%/Roaming/Ethereum Folder and now it seems to work. Before I backed my keystores up!
  • DavidMc0DavidMc0 Member Posts: 3
    I've had the same issue. When I restarted Mist, it'd download a few hundred, or thousand blocks if I was lucky, then stop downloading. Also on Win10 x64.

    It's about the third or fourth time I've had to delete this folder & start again, which is a pain. Hope this gets sorted soon!
  • DavidMc0DavidMc0 Member Posts: 3
    Hmm... still won'tsync. I've made sure the time is synced correctly, re-downloaded the software, reset the blockchain, and it's stalling regularly after a few hundred / thousand blocks & begins again when I restart.

    Any ideas what could be causing this?
  • atvkingatvking Member Posts: 9
    I would very much appreciate if someone had some ideas of what's going on here. I am having the same problem and have searched far and wide and tried all the possible fixes I could find. My peer count is currently at 38, my clock is synced to time.nist.gov, port 30303 is open, I've restarted from scratch a few times now, trying different commands each time, including geth --fast. No luck :( Also on Win10 x64. Someone please help or I'll never get the blockchain synced!
  • cryptoaskercryptoasker Member Posts: 28
    Hey @atvking do you use a WLAN connection? I have a Win10 x64 and now it seems to work but before it was just slow.
    I opened geth and tipped "geth removedb" which removes the complete blockchain and what you have to do if you want to fast sync. (Click y afterwards) Then I switched to time.nist.gov and also plugged an ethernet cable in. After all that done run geth with "geth --fast".
    Now it is finding around 200 Blocks per second at the moment. Hope this won´t get stuck.
  • atvkingatvking Member Posts: 9
    @cryptoasker Thanks for the info, but I got it to work finally. I was using a wired connection the whole time, and it just sort of picked up one time after I restarted geth and my router/modem combo around 250,000 blocks. I was using geth --nat "none" because I read somewhere the nat tag could help. After it sped up, I was able to sync the rest of the chain in about 5 hours.
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