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Hei guys im new here and started programming with solidity and builded my own contract. After i got my first contract in the chain, i looked up for a way to use my function. I found the method "call" and "sendTransaction". Where are the differences? And how does that interact with the gas?

An other i asked myself is how i can get the abi of a contract to use the functions without hardcoding it somewhere?

Thanks for the answers.
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    Ok, maybe i figured out what the diffrences are. "sendTransaction" requires fee to send the transaction and "call" not. An other thing is that "sendTransaction" can save something in the storage. On the other hand "call" just works as calculator or as a getter of the storage. So all the stuff you put in with the "call" function will not be saved. Its just in the memory.

    This is what i found out after reading the documentation and testing. Are you agree with me?
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