Did my 2 BitCoins Buy the Correct Amount of Ether?

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Hi ~

I have had BitCoin for a couple years, I wanted to move some coin into Ethereum today. Need some help making sure I got what I paid for though:

I downloaded the Electron Co. Stiftung Ethereum-Wallet for Win 64 onto my desktop here.

I initiated the setup transaction from Ethereum to transfer TWO full bitcoin to Ethereum for which I needed to edit the transfer wizard from its default which was ~one ether.

Now though my MultiBit BitCoin wallet shows Bitcoin transferred the 2 full Bitcoin yet the Ethereum wallet registered .024691414 ether.

The ShapeShift confirmation email to me:
Thank you for your order.

Order Summary:
Order Number: b98067121f
You Deposited: 2 BTC
You Received: 1.00000000 ETH
The exchange took 463 seconds
Did the transaction work? Thoughts? For some reason I think I did not get all my Ethereum for the 2 BitCoin but I dunno....

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  • seanharmonseanharmon Member Posts: 6
    Not bullshit man.
  • seanharmonseanharmon Member Posts: 6
    "keep changing amounts", what in tarnation are you speaking about?

    I just communicated with ShapeShift, they seem to be positive about rectifying the error and are researching it now---apparently i am not the first...

    Oh and tell your Putin pals I suspect the Panama papers are just the first step.
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    lol, BTC Addy Bro, 1LSjWZaegkzSj2KmNppHj3YsBpJkvCAPDN
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    Well I can say that you definitely got ripped off. You should receive about 80 ETH for 2 BTC. ShapeShift has good support and they should fix this for you though.
  • seanharmonseanharmon Member Posts: 6
    Shapesfift's Megan responded quickly and I got my BitCoin back.

    If I were to quibble here---and as an extreme BitCoin and Ethereum novice whose only interest is speculation:

    1) ShapeShift should freeze the option to change amounts when one uses the initial wizard to transfer Bit to Ethereum because as mentioned I suspect I am not the first newbie to cause this error.
    2) Just speculating but It'd be hard to fathom they were not aware of these over deposits.

    All is well that ends well. CASE CLOSED
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