creating cryptocurrencies to fund collective goods

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What struck me at the Miami Ethereum reveal is the idea of creating currencies to fund public goods, such as his example of mathematicians, saving the environment, medical applications, etc.

How does Ethereum play a role in this? and why not create a new currency separate from Ethereum altogether?

I ask because I am involved in the creation of such a coin, and would love to hear about how Ethereum could play a role in this.

If you are part of the Ethereum organization, please feel to PM me to talk more specifically about the project I'm working on.


  • StephanTualStephanTual London, EnglandMember, Moderator Posts: 1,282 mod
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    Building a meta coin on Ethereum is technically trivial, so you can focus all your efforts on what truly matters (the 'core idea' behind your meta coin). It's all about lowering the barriers to adoption.

    Because Ethereum is a programming platform you also gain access to neat functions that can be used to modify how your meta coin behaves, based on external events, specific reward schemes for your users, etc.

    Finally your meta coin will also benefit from being on a chain that's holding many other projects, meaning it's likely it will be more resistant to 51% attacks than one operating in isolation (due to the larger number of potential miners).

  • minimal_mysticminimal_mystic earthMember Posts: 17
    i have a project that is about to initiate at the COP climate conference in Lima, Peru start of December. theres a few way (i can see) that a kind of coin would work, mostly as a way to introducing people to the idea of cryptographically secured technologies. i have however just a philosophical understanding of the tech, not the technical know-how.. contact me urgently if you think your project can connect with this idea
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