Transfer ether between accounts in Ethereum Wallet

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So, I'm in my wallet and I can't remember the password of one of the accounts. Is there any way I can transfer all the ether from the lost account to another account without knowing the password?


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    id like to know the same!
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    I have the same problem. When I created my [1st] account, I really didn't understand why I was inputing a password, until I deposited ether into "my account". I installed the ethereum wallet and there were multiple clients that were used to set everything up and I was confused as to what the fuck was going on. I get that it's supposed to be "1337" or whatever. But really, no download link for an unencrypted private key upon creation of your first ethereum account? No integrated test transaction to confirm that someone indeed has control of an address? No option to accept or reject deposits? No recovery options from the original machine? "Wallet Words", email recovery? Do people not make mistakes? Or am I just an alien?

    Also why the fuck can I even enter the client, without inputing an account password? I never had a problem with Multibit, as I would "log in" to my wallet before making a deposit. In the ethereum wallet the client gives you access to your wallet and its information even if you don't know your private key/password, giving a false sense of control over your account. Simple fix: password prompt as soon as you enter the ethereum client. But, let me guess, I should have known all along...
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