16x to 16x riser

ilia7777ilia7777 Member Posts: 113
Is there somebody out there that has good experience with 16x to 16x risers ? May be there is a magic supplier that managed to make it well ? I've got stable performance on boards that have 1x to 16x usb powered but unfortunately I've got three boards that have lots of 16x slots and 1x to 16x risers just don't work on this slots (sometimes they do). The boards are: ASUS MA97 Rev 2, Gigabyte 990FXA UD3 and UD5. With risers that I have the rig would work for a while (sometimes hours, sometimes even a day) and the miner just would stop without any errors. Its definetely the riser which I found through expereince. Have anyybody tried those from gpushack.com may be ?


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