General questions - need help please

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I tried posting this in the hardware section and got 0 replies so I'm trying here since the section is more active.

I'll be going home in 2-3 weeks and right now I have a few old parts sitting around and I'd like to use them in a rig to minimize the cost of investing into new parts.

e6600 core 2 duo
Asus p5g41-m (has 1 PCIe x16 and 1 PCIe x1)
550W PSU

I'd like to have 2 GPUs in there (I was thinking 280x, 290x, or 390) which should give me 40-50MH/s

1) Do I have enough ram?
2) how much space on hhd should I get?
3) Is my PSU enough to power 2 of those cards - I'm pretty sure I'd need about 750W
4) What's a good PCIe riser for the x1 so I can turn it into a x16? (some are USB, some are not)
5)Which OS? Windows 7 or Ubuntu?
I keep hearing that Ubuntu is a great choice for OS but I have 0 experience with it and I have no clue how to set up dual drivers on Windows, let alone Ubuntu.

Thanks for the help!


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