New DAPP - "Government Simulation": game theoretic variation of simple Ponzi (>1000ETH jackpot)

Hey - yet another Ponzi. But is has a twist that should make it more interesting. Usually in a Ponzi you invest in the hope that people invest after you. So if everyone would be 100% rational no one would invest in the first place. So I added a nice twist - in this Pozi you can win 2 ways: a) enough people invest after you so that you get your money back +10% OR: no one invests after you (for 12h) then you win a big jackpot of >1000ETH. So especially in the beginning it is rational to "invest" since you win both ways - a) people invest after you (you get +10% back) or b) no one invests after you - you win 1000ETH.
You need to run a geth (or other node) with rpc to view the status. Of course the contract can be viewed and verified here:

Over 350ETH have already been payed out:

Let me know what you think!


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