USB Mining Stick

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Hey guys,

on my blog I shared all information about building an eth mining rig with you guys freely.

Then I have built an USB mining stick for my needs and people kept asking me about it so I decided to sell those. There was a lot of buzz and many people bought them, so I headed for a reloaded version. The cost for it is nor making me rich, but rather compensating a bit for sharing development costs (as I said, I use them myself). If that's not allowed here for some reason, please remove this thread.

There is a video where you can see it in action, plus some other technical details.

May the eth be with you!


  • nicoterra33nicoterra33 Member Posts: 53
    edited March 2016
    stick will die after few months, SSD only
  • Phoenix00Phoenix00 Member Posts: 61
    @nicoterra33 ssd? ahahahahah yes sure, longer is roi longer is fun! If you use good-quality usb memories I think sticks are a good idea for bigger rigs with many computers. Anyway, considering the current cost of general purpose hdd, I prefere HDD
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    Don't worry, we made precautions to minimize writes to USB storage.

    Current hardware price for a high quality stick as seen above is 8 EUR. We have some extra sticks lying around. Some problem? Shutdown, pull out, plug other in, runs. Then we can plug the stick into a laptop for diagnosis. This turned out to be very handy :) The final price results from all the testing/knowledge work we have put into making the software, which is the true cost here, not the hardware.

    But I thought about making an SSD version, too, for those who are curiuos. In the end, we decided it is better to focus on one thing instead of doing a lot of half things simultaneously.
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    @nicoterra33 Is correct. DAG writing will kill it and/or you will get write failures. I know first hand from trying it with 3 different machines and 3 different USB sticks.

    And yes, SSD is the way to go. You can get 60GB SSD's now on Amazon for $30 or less. It's a no-brainer, way faster, and way less hassle.
  • jacobjacob Member Posts: 39

    @MrYukonC That|s very strange. I can assure this is not the case here. Which sticks did you use? The DAG is currently written to USB storage, but there is already a ramdisk in use, so I might put it there. Afaik it will be recreated anyways if needed?

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