3x 280x -> 60MH (( is it fine?

turdorturdor Member Posts: 1
where is 75Mh ?!
2x 280x Powercolor (got it couple of years ago from miner, probably bios has been changed)
1x MSI game OC - slower than PowerColor
win 8.1
on ether miner for expanse it shows 50Mh for 2 PowerColor cards!
is there any guide please?
is anyone can comment regarding memory timings pls?
as in general I understood:
the lower voltage is better?
core the same or does not matter?
VRAM is more important timings than push it up all thhe way?
can´t find WinRing0.vxd, only on baidu, but phone mobile needed to register! anyone habve it or a full package to run Tahiti_I_x86.exe?

cheers! and thanx in advance


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