How stable is solomining?

rdnkjdirdnkjdi Member Posts: 135 ✭✭
I'm thinking about giving it a shot but I have a few concerns.

The first is node stability. I've been mining for almost a week to dwarfpool via stratum and I haven't gone down once except for a one hour Internet loss. After which my mining resumed.

My understanding is that geth crashes fairly regularly so I should use cpp-ethereum. Can anyone comment on the stability of it? Is it possible to have eth set to switch over to a different node or pool mining in the event of a crash?

Second question ... one of my only issues early on entailed corrupted dag files. Is there any way to verify I don't have a corrupted dag while mining locally?


  • LagniappeLagniappe Dirty SouthMember Posts: 136 ✭✭
    It's a psychological thing. If you have a stupid 600mh sec hashrate then mining solo might be more fun. With anything less than 200 you're going to be waiting around quite a bit between blocks. I got lucky and fired up 200 mh and got a block in 7 hours. Then I went over a day without finding one and switched to a pool. I hear you come out better solo, but I'll stick to my current pool for now. If and when I get 600 mh/sec I'll throw it on solo mode for a few days and see what I can reel in.
  • rdnkjdirdnkjdi Member Posts: 135 ✭✭
    I may have that much soon. I'm ok with the waiting as long as I can verify I'm not mining with corrupted dag files AND the client never crashes (or I can auto switch to a different wallet or pool mining).

    P.S. that WAS lucky for 7 hours :expressionless:
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